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Oil in canvas 25 cm x 20 cm


Among tigers aggression is rare. For instance, a young tiger may wander into the territory of another tiger and bump into the resident male. Deep growls, bloodcurdling roars, and fierce nose-to-nose snarling ensue. But when the older male shows his superiority, the younger one will usually roll onto his back with his paws in the air in a sign of submission, and the confrontation is over.
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They do not have accurate knowledge that this is “the time of the end” and have no sense of urgency about the days in which we are living.​
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Oil in canvas 60 cm x 42cm

Inspire in some artist helps me to paint differents styles, and compositions challenge

And the fishermen will mourn,
Those casting fishhooks into the Nile will lament,
And those who spread their nets on the water will dwindle.
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Oil in canvas 40 cm x 31 cm

While I was sitting in my car
I started to admire some buildings in these areas of Brixton, they looked quite interesting to paint in the pandemic period, the street looked empty and desolate with no one
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Oil in canvas 40cm x 30cm

Likewise every good tree produces excellent fruit, but every rotten tree produces worthless fruit; a good tree cannot bear worthless fruit, nor can a rotten tree produce e.xcellent fruit
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Oil in canvas 150 cm x 110 cm

Just as a bird has reason to flee and a swallow to fly,
So a curse does not come without a real reason.

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Oil in canvas 56 cm x 46 cm

Painting is like a journal to write, in difficult human situations, and more when ungodly behavior is observed.
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And he showed me a river of water of life, clear as crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of its main street. On both sides of the river were trees of life producing 12 crops of fruit, yielding their fruit each month. And the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations. Rev 22:1-2
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acrylic painting on a wall, pandemic period and the mind work.
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abstract acrylic painting, inspired on the future new system in earth
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Scotland Hills motivations, beautiful landscapes scenery, running through valleys and hill in Scotland.
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William Morris a great inspirational artist, small canvas in oil, used digital effects with a mirror effect, creating patterns.
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Vincent Van Gogh Inspiration
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Close up carnation

Digital flower image

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Inspired on those children being killed in Syria.
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Say something about this album...
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Inspired in women fertility
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Inspirational work, eyes shut under the sun
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based on the invisible danger that can sometimes confuse because they well know how you are.
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Rothenburg Germany village inspiration
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Water reflect
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A right colour paint may help evoke feeling and atmosphere, the shades, tones and moving beyond primary colours, mixed with hues tones expanding meanings and expressions.
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Charcoal, pastels evokes soft shapes in any art
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A team work project, East London University, based on the works of few graphic designer. I work with some of my oil painting, charcoal, and pastels. Also in my personal interest interview to MR. Ambie Nair, a Broadcasting graphic Designer for the BBC and Channel 4 in London.
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