JenPurple Graphics art

inspiration in rural houses somewere in the north of spain
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insnpired in valencia a beautiful expereinces first baby
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few paintings are sold
printings availables in all paintings
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Process of my work
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The original is a small canvas oil painting, playing with mirror effect that could be a print too reflected Multiplied images, which produce interesting patterns.
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process of my work
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inspirational work under the sun and eyes close
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Inspiration from
salmos 1:3-4
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process of my work
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inspiration on a German
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Water reflection
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Erase magazine was created in a team project East London University, based on a work of graphics designers.
my work was
design some pages in which I attached my work for you show ,
incorporating my art, oil painting, charcoal and pastel color and our
personal interest.
I did also have a challenged and pleasure to interview MR. Ambie Nair a Graphic Designer and Broadcasting advertising of BBC and TV channel 4 in London

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charcoal, pastels textures
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Creating a right colours to a painting may help evoke feeling or atmosphere, shades and tones, moving beyond the primary colours, mixing hues to expand means of expression.

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